Since time immemorial, the Czech lands have been the crossroads of European cultures. The cultural character of Czech cities, villages and spa towns has always been a source of inspiration to visitors and guests, who come here from all corners of the world.

The Czech Republic, among the youngest in the family of European countries, was born on January 1st, 1993, when the Czechoslovak Federal Republic split into 2 independent states, the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

Before the fall of Communism, a whopping 90% of travelers did not travel beyond Prague, the Czech Republic's splendid capital, which has become one of the most popular European tourist destinations of the last decade. Even now, Prague remains the country's key attraction, and deservedly so, but there are things to see elsewhere, and your budget can go a long way in this part of Europe.

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After seeing the justifiably popular sights of Prague, its cobbled streets, Baroque palaces and churches, Gothic spires and lively bar scene, you could head out into the rolling countryside beyond, stopping off in the medieval town of Ceský Krumlov, beside the River Vltava.

The West Bohemia region is also known for its spa towns; Karlovy Vary, Marianske Lazne and Frantiskovy Lazne. The country's highest mountains, the Krkonose, can be found in East Bohemia, where ski resorts are located, catering mainly to Czech and German tourists, and many hiking trails are signposted.

The Czech Republic is relatively safe, cheap, has excellent transport, superb sights and both outdoor and indoor activities in good supply.

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